The shoulder is made up of four joints: the glenohumeral, scapulothoracic, acromioclavicular, and sternoclavicular, which work together to move the upper arm. Because major muscles and related structures are anchored in the scapula, the shoulder blade, or scapula, is an important role in correct shoulder movement. When diagnosing a patient with shoulder pain, however, a problem with the scapula is simple to overlook.

The main reason the scapula is ignored is that when its position or mobility is disrupted, a condition known as scapular dyskinesis, the patient may not feel pain or discomfort at first. However, even if the issue is initially asymptomatic, incorrect scapular mobility can impact the rest of the shoulder’s motion, leading to the type of painful condition that leads a patient to a doctor’s or chiropractor’s office.

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