At Columbia Basin Chiropractic we assist you in developing a rudimentary diet which will help you maintain a healthy body. If you are looking to increase your energy, productive and lead a healthier life our team of professional experts are here for you.

Our medical healthcare providers use a holistic wellness approach, Columbia Basin Chiropractic differs from many other healthcare professionals. We understand the importance of nutrition to promote overall wellness and health. When combining the traditional chiropractic care along with medical expertise, nutrition helps keep patients free of chronic disease such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes and cancer. It is not only your best interest to keep a healthy diet but also our doctors, as we are very passionate about the healthcare we provide.

Not only will this assist overall healthcare, but also helps provide you with a more well-rounded healthcare clinic. Nutrition is a key component to the holistic medical approach which we embrace at Columbia Basin Chiropractic.

We know that nutrition can be very confusing. It may seem like science is always back and forth on what you need, and we’re here to help you with that. We’ll tell you what you need, why, and how it helps you function and feel better.

We know your health needs are unique and so are your nutritional needs.

Nutritional Counseling and Guidance

As a science-based nutrition practitioner, Dr. Kurtz is here to provide nutritional counseling for your well-rounded life. “We’ll conduct a blood and hair analysis to assess where your health stands now (cholesterol, etc) and how dietary supplements can help you.”

Ready to know what you’re missing out on? From an assessment, we can advise and guide you towards building a diet and nutritional plan that fits into your life.

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