Chiropractic Care

At Columbia Basin Chiropractic, chiropractic is just one of many non-invasive medical procedures offered to provide solutions for a wide array of medical issues.  For those seeking chiropractic adjustment in Kennewick, Washington, our clinics offer this as an effective treatment for musculoskeletal pain, and much more.


The efficacy of chiropractic has been well known for over a century, with numerous studies proving the practice effective in treating back pain, sciatica, neck pain, dizziness, and even high blood pressure. It’s an ancient art and science, with manipulations performed by Hippocrates dating back to the 4thCentury B.C.

Drug-free, and non-surgical, chiropractic care is particularly useful for chronic pain management. Washingtonresidents seeking this chiropractic can count on our clinics to provide this and other non-invasive treatments in Kennewick, along with other treatments that include massage therapy and rehabilitation, to help them achieve optimal wellness.

Because dysfunction in the spine can alter the function of the nervous system and create pain and illness, chiropractic has a wide range of applications, to address many conditions and a wide range of different life stages. The medical professionals at Columbia Basin Chiropractic embrace an integrated approach to healthcare, offering non-invasive medical treatments that address the root cause of medical concerns, and grouping treatments like chiropractic and physical rehabilitation in Washington in customized treatment plans, to accomplish the best results.

Chiropractic Care at Columbia Basin

We offer various types of manual adjusting to gently create motions in the joints to release them from being fixated. These techniques help in releasing the tightness, pain or muscle spasm that occurs at the area of the spine or joints.

Rehabilitative Services

We’re here to help you heal thoroughly. By combining chiropractic care with rehabilitative services, you’re setting your body up for success.

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