Detecting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Early


Because the early symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) don’t interfere too much with one’s ability to carry out regular tasks, they are commonly overlooked or ignored. As a result, many people do not believe it is worthwhile to schedule and attend a doctor’s visit to address the problem. Many people with CTS put off […]

Scapular Dyskinesis

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The shoulder is made up of four joints: the glenohumeral, scapulothoracic, acromioclavicular, and sternoclavicular, which work together to move the upper arm. Because major muscles and related structures are anchored in the scapula, the shoulder blade, or scapula, is an important role in correct shoulder movement. When diagnosing a patient with shoulder pain, however, a […]

Treating Low Back-Related Leg Pain


Low back-related leg pain (LBRLP) is a prevalent ailment that sends patients to primary care clinics, including chiropractic offices. However, these situations are often complicated, and diagnosing the underlying reason can be difficult clinically. Let’s have a look at the current LBRLP treatment options. To begin, the patient’s doctor must evaluate whether the leg pain […]

Walking For A Healthy Back?

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Scientists who investigated the spine’s construction came to the conclusion that it was designed for walking. This may come as a surprise given how seldom we humans walk these days. Our lives have evolved over millennia, from days spent walking and hunting for food to a primarily sedentary existence. Many of us spend the majority […]

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