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Columbia Basin Spinal Rehabilitation Institute | We Can Help

We’re here for you because we want to help. Help you heal. And, help you thrive. Below are just a few of the common complaints we’ve helped at Columbia Basin Spinal Rehabilitation Institute. Give us a call or email us your specific complaint to find out if we can help!

Auto accidents and work injuries

Are you suffering from an auto accident or work injury? We have the expertise, knowledge and equipment to help you feel better quickly and recover fully from your injury.

Neurologic Conditions

We also help with neurological conditions that don’t respond to any types of other care, that’s why we do neurological feedback and nutritional counseling.

For example, looking for help with Fibromyalgia, ADHD, migraine headaches or chronic pain? With our neuro-feedback, we can help you with a drugless and natural approach that is more long lasting.

Give chiropractic a try. The care you receive will be worth it. Call chiropractor in