Our Doctors

Dr. Eric Kurtz

A Mechanic of The Human Body

Coming from generations of mechanics, Dr. Eric Kurtz has always enjoyed using his hands to fix things. However, his love for mending is not for machines, but for the human body…

“I became very passionate about becoming a chiropractor after seeing how chiropractic care helped my mother live a happier, healthier life. From a young age I was inspired to help people maintain their health through a drugless, gentle method of healing. Just like my mom’s chiropractor helped her.”

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Dr. Rick Folkman

Discovering the Perfect Career

Initially, Dr. Rick Folkman had an ambition to become an electrical engineer or a dentist. “I really wanted a career that I was passionate about, where I could truly help people live a better life.” So, after narrowing it down to dentistry, he began school. Then a few years in, he went out into his community to shadow other local dentists, and just didn’t feel that’s where his heart was.

“I went back to a childhood chiropractor to see if he loved his job, and he did (along with the other chiropractors in town).” So Dr. Folkman started seeing his chiropractor regularly and noticed that he just “felt better and functioned better than he thought possible.” “It was then that I was inspired to become a chiropractor, helping and healing people when no other methods could.”

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Dr. J. Ruben Rangel

Bilingual Kennewick Chiropractor

He has great interest in treating work, sports and automobile accident injuries and has been working at Columbia Basin Spinal Rehabilitation Institute since 2006. He is bilingual in Spanish and is a native Tri-Citian graduating from Hanford High school. He has a great feel with his hands and is fully trained with all of our equipment in this office to help you get better.

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